DFA will enhance limb salvage

Final Goal of DFA is to reduce the number of amputations by facilitating PTA and the recovery of an impeded blood supply to the lower leg and foot. So DFA helps the elderly staying active outdoor walkers.

In order to reach this, DFA has developed a novel device to provide easy and safe access - Femoral Access - to the obstructed blood vessels. Because reliable Femoral Access is key for each Dotter treatment of the legs, DFA will enable more specialists to perform PTA and limb saving, with less complications.

DFA will be needed more and more

Vascular obstructive disease of the legs affects almost 12 % of the general population and is responsible for substantial healthcare costs. 1–5 % of these patients will eventually undergo amputation. Parallel to the increasing mean age of the population these numbers tend to increase.

Whereas vascular surgery has long time been the only therapeutic option, PTA is now replacing surgery almost completely. Between 2001 and 2006 the use of PTA doubled to 790.000 leg procedures in the US each year. In all these procedures DFA technique can play a decisive role.

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