Charles Dotter - PTA     

On January 16th, 1964, the American radiologist Charles Dotter performed the very first 'Dotter treatment', nowadays also known as balloon angioplasty or PTA (percutaneous transluminal angioplasty). 

He cured an 83-years old lady who refused amputation, at that time the only option for her advanced critical limb ischemia. After PTA, amputation was cancelled and she walked away on both her feet, 'happily ever after'. 

Since Dotter introduced this minimal invasive treatment of an impeded blood supply, a highly sophisticated PTA armamentarium has been developed during last 40 years. A huge variety of balloons and stents is available today.


DFA - Self Steering guidewire

PTA is treatment of choice for vascular obstructive disease in the legs. Crucial for such limb saving procedure is getting reliable access - Femoral Access - to the obstructed blood vessels. No Femoral Access > no PTA > no limb salvage.

Presently in contrast to PTA, Femoral Access is still performed with simple and non-dedicated devices. Consequently in selected cases, such access can be fraught by technical challenges, complications and a long learning curve.

Dotter Femoral Access turns your challenging Femoral Access procedures into an easy procedure that is significantly faster and safer than ever before.

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